You do not need to be afraid of dental interventions any more

What is analgosedation?

Analgosedation is a type of anesthesia. Medicines are given via arm vein. The medicines relax, remove discomfort, panic, and fear of the upcoming dental intervention. Simultaneously, painlessness is achieved so the patient is relaxed and cooperative.

Besides the pain and fear, analgosedation removes the feeling of nausea, disgust, strong salivation, which can occur during an intervention in the mouth.

Who performes analgosedation?

Analgosedation is performed by anesthesia specialist doctor, who follows patient’s vital functions all the time (consciousness, breathing, heartbeat, body temperature) and gives anesthetics accordingly. Depending on the anesthesia depth, the patient is relaxed, sleepy, or can fall asleep for a short time. The patient breaths on his or her own all the time, reacts when called upon, and cooperates with the dentist.

Is analgosedation safe?

The procedure itself is safe and applicable for all age groups. It enables the patients with side conditions to go through the dental intervention more easily and safely.

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