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CAD – CAM Zirconium

Top esthetics via cutting edge technology

What are zirconium and metal-free crowns?

Zirconium crowns are a type of crowns which are made by cutting in CAD-CAM technique. Whole crowns from zirconium block or only caps can be cut in CAD-CAM technique, and covering the cap in the desired colour tone.

Metal-free crowns are made by cutting whole crowns from ceramics block or by baking whole crowns from ceramics, without using metal or zirconium as foundation.

Depending on your bite, the region which is dealt with, and the colour of your natural tooth, the dentist will recommend which of the crowns is the right choice for you.

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What is the difference between zirconium, metal-free and metal-ceramic crowns?

Zirconium and metal-free crowns have very slight differences, both in the way of production and esthetically, and the price is the same. Compared to metal-ceramic crowns, these two types of crowns are considerably different regarding esthetics. Therefore, the price is higher than metal-ceramic crowns.

Zirconium and metal-free crowns – patients’ experience

Patients who decided to do zirconium or metal-free crowns have absolutely positive experience. Patents who changed their old metal-ceramics crowns and bridges with zirconium were delighted by considerably better esthetics, regarding both colour and shape of the teeth.

Having in mind that metal-ceramics crowns have dark gray metal as substrate for ceramics, it is necessary to add more ceramics to neutralize gray colour of the metal and to achieve desired colour tone.

With zirconium crowns, the substrate for ceramics is zirconium, which has the colour of natural teeth, so it is necessary to add only a thin layer of ceramics, which gives transparency to the tooth and the desired tone. This is why metal-free and zirconium crowns imitate much better the colour and appearance of the natural tooth, which is especially important for the patients and their smile.

Zirconiums and metal-free crowns – price

  • The price for zirconium and metal-free crowns is 18,000 RSD (approximately 150 EUR).
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