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Invisible  Appliances

Nobody has to know – revolutionary Invisaling® orthodontic technique

What is Invisalign® – invisible appliances for teeth aligning? 

Invisalign® – invisible appliances is used for aligning smaller discrepancies in teeth position. They are made of thin, transparent plastics. It is smooth and comfortable for wearing. They resemble teeth whitening foil and foil made for patients who grind their teeth. What makes this manner of teeth aligning different from wearing fixed dentures with brackets, wires and bands is the fact that teeth foils are inconspicuous.

How does Invisalign® invisible appliences for teeth aligning work?

Invisalign foils apply mild pressure on teeth and move them. Foils are made individually for each patient based on the tooth print. They are made so that they suit the new desired tooth position and in this manner, they move it to the desired position. The process is, naturally, gradual and planned. The tooth is moved bit by bit to the new position.

The process of foil teeth correction is divided into monthly intervals. Every month, the patient gets a new set of foils, which are changed every 7 to 14 days. When the first set of foils is over, the patient comes to our office, a new tooth print is made, and new set of foils is given for further tooth movement. This process is repeated every month until the desired effect is achieved.

When you put a new foil for the first time, you will feel a stronger pressure to the teeth. In time, as teeth move towards the desired position, the pressure will reduce. You will be able to see for yourself that the new position suits the tooth and then you go to the next foil. Your dentist controls this process monthly and plans the new position for every tooth.

Who is Invisalign® invisible appliances for teeth aligning intended for?

Invisalign foils are intended for patients who have mild or medium discrepancies in teeth position, and want to get them into regular position without wearing fixed appliances which are visible.

These foils can be used in combination with fixed appliances when a more serious discrepancy is firstly treated with fixed appliances for several months and then the therapy is finished with foils.

How long does the therapy with invisible appliance cost?

Depending on the level of discrepancy, the period can be from 6 to 18 months. During that time, between 18 and 30 foils are changed.

How much does teeth aligning with invisible appliances cost?

  • Invisalign therapy price depends on the number of used foils. The price of a single foil set (7 pieces) is 12,000 RSD (approximately 100 EUR).
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