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The most common choice among our patients is metal-ceramics crowns

What are metal-ceramics crowns and bridges?

Metal-ceramics crowns are made in the following manner: ceramics in tooth colour covers the metal cap from all sides. Metal caps can be made manually or in CAD-CAM technique. We prefer CAD-CAM technique because crowns made in this way are more precise and they fit the tooth ideally so that there is no gap between the tooth and the crown, which would amass bacteria in time.

Who is a candidate for metal-ceramics crowns and bridges?

Due to its hardness, metal-ceramics is ideal material for bridges in side areas of the jaw, when there are one or more teeth missing, so the toothless gaps are necessary to be bridged and filled with new teeth.

Metal-ceramics is also used for smile beautification. Patients often choose it for front teeth as well because of the good quality-price ratio.

Furthermore, metal-ceramics is irreplaceable in performing so-called combined works. In combined works, wironit denture with metal base is attached to the metal-ceramics bridge using fastener, that is, Attachment. You can read more on combined works in our section combined works.

Longevity of metal-ceramics crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges made of metal-ceramics are very durable and their expected longevity is over 10 years. We give 5-year warranty to all our prosthetic works.

Metal-ceramics crowns and bridges – price

  • Price for one metal-ceramics crown is 9,000 RSD (approximately 75 EUR).
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