Paradentosis Laser Treatment

Gum operation can be avoided by laser application in paradentosis treatment

What is paradentosis laser treatment?

Laser for soft tissue has found a wide application in paradentosis treatment and made the paradentosis treatment extremely comfortable for patients, having in mind that its application can avoid gum operation.

The procedure consists of contactless treatment of gum which is affected by paradentosis. Due to laser effect, the affected tissue disappears and pocket depth is reduced.

When is paradentosis laser treatment applied?

Paradentosis laser treatment can be applied with patients who contact us during initial or middle phase of paradentosis.

With patients in advanced phase of paradentosis, laser therapy is applied after successful regular surgical procedure, if after a certain period since the procedure, gum inflammation reoccurs.

Does paradentosis laser treatment hurt?

With majority of patients, anesthetics are not applied. With a certain number of patients, a minimal dose of anesthetics is given.

Paradentosis laser treatment – price

  • The price of paradentosis laser treatment depends on the number of teeth which need to be treated.
  • The price per tooth is 1,200 RSD (approximately 10 EUR)
  • The price for whole jaw is 12,000 RSD (approximately 100 EUR)
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