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DENTAL OFFICE DENTAL CENTRE BOBIC, dr Iva Bobic, PR, based in Novi Sad, registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency under the registration number of the entity (MB): 62473215, tax identification number (TIN): 107066279 (hereinafter referred to as the “Publisher”) takes care of the security of your personal data you provide us while are using the website dentalbobic.com.

The Publisher gathers the least possible amount of personal data and uses them exclusively for the purpose which they are gathered for, which you have been informed about. Furthermore, the Publisher does not share the data with third parties without previously informing you and without your consent. The Publisher strives to process and keep your data only as long as it is necessary for the purpose the data were gathered or in the manner which an agreement of applicable law demanded.

1. The data which are gathered

The Publisher gathers various types of data for the purpose of the quality of its services, i.e. it gathers the following types of data:

  • data gathered from you
  • data gathered on your use of Publisher’s services
  • data gathered from third parties.

The Publisher gathers data on your use of the internet page dentalbobic.com i.e. on the manner how and what for the Publisher’s webpage is used. Such data are necessary for us in order to provide adequate and quality work of the internet page dentalbobic.com, in order to provide quality services, and in order to act in accordance with our rights and obligations, and in accordance with our legitimate interest for constant improvement of the quality of the service we provide.

The Publisher can also gather data on your geographical location. Such data can become available during your search and use of the internet page dentalbobic.com based on IP address or GPS data on your device. Such data are used with the purpose of the improvement of our services and ensuring the quality of the services we provide. The Publisher emphasizes that your devices have the option of turning off or limiting data providing of your location, and you are free to use these options.

During gathering personal data, certain data can be kept by Google Analytics platform. The platform can be informed about through the rules of the Publisher on cookies usage.

For more information on Google Analytics privacy rules, you can follow the link:


Internet page dentalbobic.com uses so-called cookies. Details on cookies, the manner of their usage, keeping, and blocking can be found on the internet page dentalbobic.com under the section “Cookies usage”, on the link https://dentalbobic.com/Upotreba-kolacica– PODESITI

Our individual services available online allow you to contact the Publisher directly to make inquiries and reservations within the services provided by the Publisher.

Regarding our services, it is possible that we might ask you to give us certain personal information in order to allow you to use our services and to help the Publisher to act according to your request. In such a situation, your personal data are required since without them, the Publisher is not able to respond to your request and will therefore display a consent form in which you confirm that you are familiar with the privacy policy that you need to affirm. For example, in that situation you might be asked to give us your email address, name, surname, mobile phone number etc. Certain services allow you to communicate with other people. These communications will be transferred via our systems and they will be kept in them.

In certain situations, the Publisher gathers your data using other Internet platforms and sources which can be combined with other data which you make available to us. For example, the Publisher, in order to offer you good quality services that are tailored to your desires and interests, uses the Facebook Pixel tool that allows tracking your activities on this Internet page and the same data is transferred to Facebook.  As the result, by using the social networks, we can send you the promotional messages and information which would be tailored to your desires and interests, based on the results of your browsing. In this way, you can use and learn about the services which you otherwise would not have been informed about. The purpose is improving User’s satisfaction and the quality of services offered by the Publisher. These tools may be embedded in online content, videos, email and they can allow other services to read certain type of data from your device and allow them to know when you have viewed particular content or a particular email message, to determine the time and the date on which you viewed the pixel and IP address of your device. The publisher and specific third parties use the trackers for various purposes, including to analyse the use of our services (along with cookies) and to provide the content and advertisements tailored to your needs and interests.

For more information about the above mentioned tools visit the following links:



Additionally, if you made enquires, requests or appeals on wrong web locations, while using the web forms which are found on the internet page dentalbobic.com, the Publisher may use your personal information which you give us in order to identify you and contact you so that your enquiries, requests or appeals can be processed, etc.

All interactive options, especially communication through private messages (requests) are of a public nature and they do not have the status of confidential and verified information, thus the Publisher can monitor and remove inappropriate content of the User’s communication without their knowledge and special approval. Considering that the Publisher does not, by default, control or authorise the content of the messages or the information that can be found on the Internet page dentalbobic.com, the Publisher is not responsible for the actions which the User undertakes at any part of the internet page dentalbobic.com nor for the content which the User might post.

By opening and browsing this internet page, you agree to the use of the above mentioned tools and other data on your device. You also agree that the Publisher and the third parties can access the cookies, local storage technologies, Pixel and data.           

2. Why are your personal data collected and who can access them?

Your personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes

  • for your use of services
  • to provide services and complete your requests;
  • to provide you with the content and recommendations based on your activities on the website;
  • for advertising and sending promotional materials;
  • to improve our business and develop the services offered to you;
  • to evaluate and analyse activities on this site, our market, users, products and services;
  • to communicate with you;
  • to analyse how users (you included) react to the services provided and the content presented, in order to improve them and develop new products and services tailored to the user’s wishes;

Your personal information will not be disclosed to the public. We carefully consider who we give your information and we shall not share it with third parties for their own independent marketing or business purposes without your consent. In the case of data transfer, we will take all measures to protect them and we will, if possible, necessary and reasonable, pseudonymize or otherwise make their connection with you difficult and, in exceptional circumstances, we will try to fully anonymize your information in the situation where we estimate that there is a risk of preserving your rights.

On the internet page dentalbobic.com there are links to outer applications and the Publisher is not liable in case of loss and/or interception of the information by these applications.

Disclosure of your information is possible for entities that are in direct business relation with the Publisher and are an integral part of the Publisher’s business. Furthermore, it is possible to share your data with trusted and secure business partners whose services and products are an integral part of the services, and in particular the health services provided by the Publisher.

An example of such business partners is the manufacturer of devices that the Publisher uses in operations, and it is important to emphasize that the Publisher uses the services of top-notch and modern manufacturers of medical and diagnostic devices. As it is already stated, your safety is always in the first place. It is also possible that we will publish your information to business partners who provide services on our behalf, such as companies that help us collect or send e-mails on our behalf. These entities have limited ability to use your data for purposes beyond the provision of service to us.

If it were ordered by law, by sub-legal act, or by a decision of an administrative or judicial body, information may be disclosed to the to competent authorities and other parties:

  • to comply with the law or to respond to mandatory legal proceedings (such as a search warrant or other court order);
  • to check or comply with our service policies
  • to protect the rights, properties or safety of users, clients and the Publisher itself.

In certain situations, the Publisher may transfer your data outside the Republic of Serbia for their further processing. Keep in mind that data protection laws and other laws of the countries where your data could be transmitted may not be as comprehensive as those in your country. Such processing is carried out solely for the needs of the Publisher and we will always attempt to take all reasonable measures to ensure that all third-party unauthorized persons have been completely deprived of access to such processing and processing results. 

For transfers beyond the Publisher’s legitimate interests and which by their nature are not part of regular transfer and are not required to ensure Publisher’s security and high quality of service delivery, the Publisher will ask for your consent.

The publisher uses and regularly improves its system of collecting and processing personal data, to ensure its compliance with legal regulations and, of course, your security. In addition, reasonable physical and technical data protection measures are used the technical achievements and guidelines of the personal data authorities are monitored, both at the level of the Republic of Serbia and at EU level.

However, the publisher must point out that due to the rapid development of technology, every user of the Internet system must be aware that no system is absolutely secure and that it is not objectively possible to predict in advance all the risks that can occur on the Internet. The Publisher certainly cannot affect the shortage of services provided by third parties that are necessary for the existence and functioning of this website. Unauthorized attacks on this site and the Publisher are always possible, and the Publisher reasonably strives to minimize any risks that may arise.

In any case, the Publisher will endeavour to make his personal data protection system as safe as possible.

3. Others

If, despite the content of these privacy policies and personal data protection, certain items are still not clear, or if the User feels that some details are not explained enough, he or she should feel free to contact us with their reasonable inquiries. Data protection officer will, in accordance with the objective possibilities, try to respond to all the reasonable inquiries and he/she will give, in cooperation with our technical services, all necessary available information in order to ensure that the User is well-informed.

We are obliged to inform the User that he/she has the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of their personal data both to the Publisher and to the Agency for Personal Data Protection of Republic of Serbia. At User’s request, the Publisher will provide them with information on how personal information is processed. If your personal information is incorrect, they will be corrected upon your request. In this case, as in the other cases provided by applicable regulations, User may request a processing limitation and also he/she has the right to request the transfer of their data to another processing manager.

All User’s inquiries will be examined by data protection officers, and they will try to answer them, if possible, within 30 days, provided the User has legal grounds for their request. The response dynamics depends on the nature of your inquiry and, in general, on the quantity and nature of other possible inquiries. In case of unreasonable, overly detailed, frequently repeated and otherwise unnecessarily challenging inquiries, the Publisher is entitled to charge the User a reasonable fee for answering. In the most extraordinary situations, the Publisher will refuse to respond to User’s inquiry.



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