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White Feeling

Say goodbye to old black feeling

What is a white filling (composite)? Composite or amalgam filling – which is better?

White fillings or, technically speaking, composite fillings are used to supplement the missing part of the tooth. The missing part can be caused by caries or smaller fractures.

White fillings have two significant advantages compared to old, black amalgam fillings. These are esthetics and tooth tissue preservation.

Composite fillings are glued to the remaining part of the tooth using special techniques. Therefore, for their application, it is necessary only to remove the caries, whereas with the black filling it is not the case. During black fillings application, it is necessary to remove a large part of healthy tooth tissue in order to apply the filling which will not fall off, because black filling are not glued to the tooth but only firmly jammed in the created space within the tooth.

Having in mind that white fillings are produced in a wide array of tones and transparency, we are able to completely imitate the colour of almost any tooth so it is difficult to notice the border between the tooth and the filling. On the other hand, the esthetic of black fillings is nowadays utterly unacceptable, especially on teeth in the visible region.

How long one should not eat after white filling application?

After the white filling application, the patient can eat immediately, which is another advantage compared to black amalgam fillings. However, patients are advised not to eat until anesthetic wears off in order to prevent tongue or cheek biting.

Pain after white filling application

Sometimes, after white filling application, the tooth can be sensitive while chewing or to thermal stimuli. This condition can last for a few days. However, if the condition is prolonged, it is necessary to contact your dentist.

The most common cause of pain is the decay which is too near the nerve. In this case, the sensitivity occurs as a response to irritation during caries removal. This sensitivity should not last longer than a week. If the sensitivity is not reduced or if it is even intensified, it is necessary to contact your dentist who will determine if the tooth needs endodontic treatment.

If the tooth is sensitive only to biting, the problem is often in the contact between the new filling and the tooth of the opposite jaw. It is necessary to contact your dentist who will determine the spot with the highest pressure and remove the excess part of the filling which creates the inconvenience. The improvement will be visible on the same day.

White filling – longevity

The warranty for white filling is two years. Expected longevity of white fillings is approximately seven years.

White filling – price

  • The price of the white filling varies from 2,000 RSD to 3,000 RSD (approximately between 16 to 25 EUR), depending on the surface which the filling encompasses.
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