How does our face become swollen due to our teeth?

Milan Babić


How does our face become swollen due to our teeth?

Neglected and non-treated teeth can often lead to the appearance of swollen tissue around the teeth. The cause of swelling is an infection spreading through the inside of the tooth (“nerve”) to the tissue around the tip of the root of the tooth.

How do the teeth which cause swelling look like?

In the most cases those are the teeth showing a substantial visible destruction caused by the tooth decay or the teeth whose old fillings have damaged edges, accompanied by the secondary tooth decay around the filling.

Does the swelling appear only if the tooth is rotten?

No. The swelling and other complications may occur as a result of an inadequate endodontic therapy, with the emphasis especially on the root canals which are not completely filled and on the presence of bacteria in the canal after therapy.

Can the swelling occur because of the presence of periodontal pockets?

Definitely. It is well-known that periodontal pockets, together with the gum inflammation can cause painful swelling of the gums and tissue around the tooth.

What to do if we get swollen?

You need to contact your nearest dentist as soon as possible. Cold compress placed on the cheek for five minutes with a break of twenty minutes can slightly alleviate the problems.

What is the therapy?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of the swelling. Often, the drainage of the swelling through the tooth is performed, and in cases of massive swelling, the incision (cut) on the swollen area is done in order to perform drainage of inflammatory content and decompression of the tissue. Placing the rubber drain in the incision is quite beneficial. The tooth which caused the swelling often needs to be extracted. The dentist will most likely prescribe antibiotics.

What happens if I prolong going to the dentist?

The swelling is expanding gradually. When inflammatory content, due to anatomical structures, cannot spread any further, a fistula occurs, i.e. a natural opening through which the inflammatory content will flow out in the outer environment. Naturally, the problem will not be resolved by itself, and it is possible that the complications which are potentially threatening for the patient’s life occur.
If you are swollen due to the tooth, contact us today and schedule your appointment in the clinic!

Author: dr Milan Babić


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