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Hollywood Smile

Complete smile transformation with brightes tone of white colour

What is Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile is complete smile transformation, which is achieved with creating metal-free crowns or ceramic facets on all teeth or at least on teeth which are visible while smiling. The colour is usually the brightest colour, so called bleach.

How long does it take to get Hollywood smile?

The procedure of creating Hollywood smile is the same as creating any other metal-free crowns or ceramic facets. The time needed is between 7 and 10 days. You can read more on metal-free crowns and ceramic facets in our section metal-free cowns and ceramic facets.

How much does Hollywood smile cost?

The price of Hollywood smile depends on the number of teeth on which crowns or facets are created. The price is:

  • metal-free crown – 18,000 RSD (approximately 150 EUR);
  • ceramic facet – 24,000 RSD (approximately 200 EUR).
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