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Fixed Appliances

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What is fixed applience?

Fixed applience is intended for both children and adults. It’s purpose is aligning teeth with neighbouring teeth and teeth in the opposite jaw. Fixed appliances are usually worn in combination (both upper and lower jaw), except with minor discrepancies, were only one or two teeth need aligning.

Types of fixed appliences?

There are few types of fixed appliances:

  • Classic fixed appliances with metal brackets which are positioned at the front side of teeth;
  • Lingual fixed appliances, which are positioned at the back side of teeth.

How long is fixed applience worn?

In average, fixed appliances are worn for about two years. However, every patient has a unique case so the time needed to align position discrepancies can vary significantly.

How much does fixed applience cost?

The price of fixed appliances, with all control examinations included, depends on the type of appliance:

  • Classic fixed appliance (single jaw) is 75,000 RSD (approximately 625 EUR)
  • Lingual fixed appliance (single jaw) is 87,500 RSD (approximately 729 EUR).
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