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Dentures for Younger Children

We create classic mobile dentures for younger children in desired colour and design

What are mobile orthodontic dentures for teeth correction with children?

Mobile orthodontic dentures are used for teeth correction with children and young adults. They are worn all day, except while eating and hygiene maintaining. They are called mobile orthodontic dentures because in house conditions children can take them off and put back in the mouth when needed.

How long does teeth correction last?

Depending on the case, the therapy lasts for about two years. After that period, if it is a smaller discrepancy, the therapy ends or another denture is made and the therapy continues.

In some cases, when the child is in the phase of intensive teeth growth and jaw development, the denture is replaced earlier, after the dentist estimates that the child has overgrown the old denture.

Maintaining dentures for children

Dentures are maintained exclusively by detailed rinsing with clean water. Once a week, they can be washed with mild liquid hand soap, without using brushes.

Since they are made of acrylate (a type of plastics), they must not be washed with aggressive or abrasive agents or immersed into any chemicals. Furthermore, they must not be brushed because in that manner, micro scratches appear, which is suitable for bacteria development and bad smell of the denture.

How much does teeth correction with mobile orthodontic dentures cost?

  • The price of a single mobile orthodontic dentures, with control examinations included, is 37,500 RSD (approximately 312 EUR).

*After the child overgrows the denture, a new one is made, which is charged separately at the regular price.

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