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PRF Regenerative Therapy

PRF method is used for better healing of bone and soft tissue

What is PRF regenerative therapy?

The method implies sampling a certain amount of vein blood of the patient, giving us remedy rich with cells, which accelerate tissue regeneration.

PRF is an abbreviation for “platelet-rich fibrin“.

What can PRF regenerative therapy be used for?

PRF regenerative therapy be used for:

  • Periodontitis therapy (lobe operation)
  • Gingival recession therapy (gum withdrawal – PRF membrane covers denuded tooth necks
  • After tooth extraction – PRF is injected into the defect in order to reduce the loss of bone mass
  • Augmentation of the bone ridge in the jaw (preparation for implant installation)
  • Alveolitis therapy (slow and painful healing of the wound after tooth extraction)
  • Face rejuvenation, wrinkle alleviation

Are there any unwanted reactions to PRF therapy?

Since PRF is taken from the patient’s blood, with no supplement, there is no risk from any allergic reactions, disease transmission, and it is utterly safe method.

PRF therapy – price

  • PRF therapy applied in oral surgery is charged by a half jaw (quadrant). The price for a single quadrant is 25,000 RSD (approximately 208 EUR, for two quadrants 37,500 RSD (approximately 312 EUR), and for four quadrants 62,500 RSD (approximately 520 EUR).
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