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Dentures on Implants

Forget about denture falling out while laughing, speaking, or chewing! Dentures supported by implants offer best price / quality ratio.

What are dentures on implants?

Dentures on implants are practically total dentures on 2 implants, and they are one of the most comfortable solutions and revival for patients who have total dentures  and who are tired of unpleasantness which comes with total denture.

Greatest advantage of dentures on implants compared to classic total dentures is that these cannot fall off during speaking or chewing since they are attached to implants via specially designed buttons of so called “Locator”.

In order to create these dentures, it is necessary to put two implants in lower jaw and four implants in upper jaw beforehand. Dentures on implants are just as easily taken off and maintained in home environment as classic total dentures.

Dentures without palate

Dentures on implants in upper jaw are positioned on four implants, which offers a possibility for the denture to be made entirely without the palate part. These dentures are thinner and more comfortable than classic dentures because they are fixed by implants and not solely by vacuum, as it is the case with regular dentures.

Dentures on implants, production procedure

Denture on implants production is preceded by implantation. Implantation procedure is the same as it is for any other prosthetic work.

After implantation, in majority of cases, it is necessary to wait for three months until the denture is attached to the implants in order to provide enough time for implants to coalesce with the bone. While the patient is waiting for the implants to coalesce, the denture can be used as a classic total denture during the three months.

Dentures on implants are made in the same manner as classic dentures but in the end, the finished denture is embedded with a fastening which is attached to the implant in the patient’s mouth.

How much do dentures on implants cost?

The denture on implants price includes denture implants (two for lower and four for upper jaw), components for fastening the denture to the implants, as well as activation of the denture on implants.

For the upper jaw, the price is 279,900 RSD (approximately 2333EUR).

For the lower jaw, the price is 174,300 RSD (approximately 1453 EUR).

*The price does not include bone augmentation, sinus lift, tooth extraction, or other preparatory procedures which are done only if necessary, depending on the given case.

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