Free accommodation

Free accommodation during dental interventions

Due to the growing interest of patients from abroad, we have increased our accommodation capacity, in cooperation with the DASH HOTELS GROUP. We are now organizing for our patients hotel accommodation, in the Villa Palace Hotel or DASH Star Hotel, during the dental interventions. The hotels are located in a quiet area, only 10-15 minutes taxi ride from the city center, which costs 3-4 €. Villa Palace is 3km away from the clinic – around 30-minute walk, while Dash Star is lot closer to the clinic – only a 5-minute walk. Rooms can accommodate up to two guests, are air conditioned, have free Wi-Fi and cable TV, mini bar, as well as a 24-hour reception desk available to the guests.

We would especially like to emphasize the homely atmosphere in the hotels, which our patients are especially satisfied with. Also, at the request of the guests, many other tourist services are available such as personal taxi transport, organized tours of cultural and historical sights, personal tourist guide, etc. We also recommend the internet service www.donesi.com to patients, through which you can order food delivery to the hotel.

As there is great interest, timely reservation of accommodation is needed, sometimes two or three months in advance. You can make a reservation exclusively by email at info@dentalbobic.com, and with prior online consultation.

Dental Centar Bobić is covering cost of accommodation in single rooms of the Villa Palace Hotel for all patients whose therapy is over € 1,000. Clinic is covering expence up to 3 nights for every 1,000 euros of therapy, as well as to the airport transfer in one direction, which in case the therapy is multi-phase, they can use this dental tourism advantages as they see fit. The clinic does not bear the costs over the stated periods. The clinic does not bear the cost of the mini bar service. If patients want, they can pay the difference in price to book a larger room for themselves, or if there are no single rooms in the desired period, and they cannot wait for the single rooms to be vacated, or for a room in another dash group facility located in in the immediate vicinity of the office if they do not want to take a taxi to the appointments, as Villa Palace is about 30 minutes walk from the office. The costs of insurance, tourist and local tourist taxes are not covered by the clinic and they amount to about 1.5 € per day.

If you do not meet the stated condition for free accommodation, the preferential prices for our patients are:

  • Villa Palace – Overnight in a single room – 20€
  • Villa Palace – Overnight stay in a double room for one person – 25€
  • Villa Palace – Overnight stay in a double room for two people – 30€
  • Dash Star – Overnight stay in a single room for one person – 29€
  • Dash Star – Overnight stay in a double room for two people – 38€
  • Airport transfer (professional reception and transport from the airport to the accommodation) – 45€

* Local tourist and tourist taxes are not included in the listed prices. Breakfast is not included in the price.

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