We produce  all kinds of classic mobile dentures

What are dentures?

Dentures are used to replace one, more, or all missing teeth. Patients can take them off at home to maintain their hygiene.

Having in mind that we have way more modern and more comfortable definite solutions for teeth compensation, we usually create dentures only as temporary solutions for patients who wait for definite prosthetic work on implants, for example.

What kinds of dentures exist?

  • Classic acrylic, total and partial dentures
  • Wironit dentures
  • Dentures on implants

Total dentures (partial dentures)

Economic solution for patients who lost all or most of their teeth. We create total and partial dentures from acrylate and from deflex (silicon dentures).

Wironit (wissil) dentures

Wironit dentures are thinner and firmer than acrylic ones. We create them in combined works. They are attached to metal-ceramics bridge via fasteners.

Dentures on implants

Dentures on implants – modern, comfortable, and ideal solution for patients with unstable total dentures. You can read more on dentures on implants in our section – dentures on implants.

Dentures price

  • Total denture – 24,000 RSD (approximately 200 EUR)
  • Wironit denture – 37,000 RSD (approximately 308 EUR)
  • Dentures on implants – the price for the upper jaw is 140,000 RSD (approximately 1,166 EUR); the price for the lower jaw is 110,000 RSD (approximately 916 EUR).
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