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Bring your smile to perfection with ceramic and composite facets

What are facets or scales?

Facets are thin scales which are placed on outer tooth surface in order to correct an esthetic discrepancy. They are usually made on front teeth.

Types of facets – scales

They are usually made of composite or ceramics.

Composite facets can be made in our office or we can glue factory-made composite facets (Edelweiss facets), which are of significantly higher quality and longevity than classic composite facets.

Composite facets can be done in a single visit to our office, whereas ceramic facets require several visits.

When are facets made?

Facets are made when there are some esthetic discrepancies such as space between teeth, inadequate colour, irregular teeth position or shape, etc.

Are there any contraindications to facets?

Certainly. If oral hygiene is not properly maintained (present gum inflammation, big dental caries), or if you have pronounced orthodontic irregularities, surely you are not a candidate for facets.

Is the tooth ground while making facets?

It depends. Grinding is not necessary for composite facets. An exception is when teeth are moved or leaned too much. In that case, a part of tooth substance must be taken off.

On the other hand, ceramic facets require a bed on the tooth. The preparation is shallow and goes only to the enamel, so the tooth integrity remains intact.

Can I choose the facet colour?

Of course you can. Before the procedure, in consultation with your dentist, the colour tone is chosen. When choosing the colour, certain parameters are taken into account, such as age, skin colour, patient’s wishes etc.

How long do facets last?

Average facet lifespan is 7 to 10 years. Naturally, maintaining oral hygiene and absence of bad habits play an important role. Bad hygiene, drinking coloured beverages, and smoking can lead to lower esthetics and reduced functionality of the facets. In addition, bad habits in sense of biting pencils, nails and so on can damage the facets.

What if I am not a candidate for facets?

If you have discrepancies which cannot be remedied with facets (too large inclination, prominent teeth position change), these problems can be solved by making ceramic crowns or conducting dental therapy.

How much do facets – scales cost?

  • The price of classic facet is 4,000 RSD (approximately 33 EUR)per tooth
  • The price of Edelweiss composite facets is 9,900 RSD (approximately 82 EUR) per tooth
  • The price of ceramic facet is 24,000 RSD (approximately 200 EUR) per tooth
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