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Combined Works – Denture + Bridge

Classic semi-fixed solution which compensates toothlessness in lateral region, without implantation

What are combined works (denture on fasteners)?

Combined works consist of two elements:

  1. The bridge with fasteners on the ends. It is cemented to teeth as any other bridge.
  2. Wironit (wissil) denture, which is attached to the bridge.

These works are extremely firm in the patient’s mouth so there is no worry that the denture will fall out during speaking or chewing. On the other hand, it is easily taken off and maintained in home environment.


Who is a candidate for combined work (denture on fasteners)?

Dentures on fasteners are very comfortable solution for patients who lost lateral teeth so bridges cannot be made, but who want more economical solution than implantation.

Denture on fasteners – price

  • The price for combined works (denture on fasteners) consists of the price of metal/ceramics bridge (charged per tooth in the bridge, metaloceramic crown is 9,000 RSD (approximately 75 €) and milled crown is 10,000 RSD (approximately 83 €)), the price of fasteners which is 12,500 RSD (approximately 104 EUR) per denture, and the price of wironit denture – 37,000 RSD (approximately 308 EUR).
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