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This revolutionary method solves complete toothlessness with a fixed solution within only 72 hours.

What is ALL ON 4 or all on four implants?

ALL-ON-4 / ALL-ON-6 concept implies implantation, and immediately after the implantation, temporary acrylic bridge is made, so the patient gets a bridge screwed to the implants after only 72 hours after implantation.

Since in this procedure final implants are positioned under a specific angle, extensive interventions of sinus lift are avoided.

In the upper jaw, six implants are implanted as a rule, whereas in the lower jaw, four implants are enough.

In rare cases, when conditions are extremely suitable for implantation, four implants which will carry the bridge can be implanted in the upper jaw, which can be assessed by the surgeon based on a 3D image.

Am I a candidate for ALL ON 4?

This method is advisable for patients who suffer from toothlessness and great loss of bone for many years.

Greatest advantage of ALL-ON-4 concept is avoiding significant adding of artificial bone and avoiding sinus lifting, which are almost inevitable procedures with toothless patients in classic implantation.

By positioning implants under a 45° angle, sinus is bypassed and this is how sinus lift is avoided.

Do I get my teeth in the same day?

After implantation, teeth are ready in 48 to 72 hours from implant installation.

It is necessary to know that after implantation, conditions are not always met for the implants to be immediately strained (48-72 hours after the implantation) so there is a possibility that the work on implants has to be waited for 4 to 6 months. These situations, where immediate strain (bridge production within 48 hours from the intervention) is receded, are not always foreseeable, despite 3D image, because sometimes the hardness and density of the bone (which cannot be assessed on 3D image) are inadequate and do not provide enough stability to the implants to be strained immediately. In these cases, immediate strain is receded in order to preserve the patient’s health and achieve the ultimate success and therapy goal – acceptance of implants, their firm coalescence with the bone and production of prosthetic work on the implants.

If, whatever the cause, the first plan is receded, and a temporary denture is made for the patient, the denture is attached to the implants and it will serve for 4 to 6 months, that is, until the planned work.

ALL ON 4 – patients’ experience

We have a large number of works with great results behind us so we can share the experience of our patients who chose this type of service.

Most patients say that the implantation day is the most tiring so it is important to have a meal an hour before the intervention but the meal should not be too big. It is also important to come in comfortable clothes because you will spend most of the day in the office, with several breaks.

Preferably, you should come without make-up or strong perfumes.

Patients also say that the opinion of a close person is significant when testing prosthetic work. Therefore, if possible, bring with you a close person for teeth testing (ask your doctor when the testing is planned).

We have found out from out patients that recovery from the intervention is not difficult because they are under the impression of a new smile, which comes back to face after two or three days.

ALL ON 4 – price

  • Price for the lower jaw is 222,000 RSD (approximately 1,850 EUR).
  • Price for the upper jaw is 315,600 RSD (approximately 2,630 EUR).

*The price includes implants, abatement, prosthetic components, and ultra-light acrylic bridge. The price does not include additional services such as X-ray, tooth extraction, artificial bones, membranes etc.

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