Dental Tourism

For patients from abroad, we organise free accommodation and airport transfer

Nowadays, Serbia is a very attractive destination for travelling and dental tourism. Thanks to high quality of dental services and low prices, Serbia is recognised as a desirable destination for professional and specialist dental treatments, especially for implant services. Many people from around the world come to Serbia in order to treat their dental problems. It is a combination of nice and useful – free vacation in the service of oral health! Our centre for modern dentistry and implantology offers top quality service, with best and cutting edge materials and equipment which follow modern world standards. We cooperate with best dental laboratories and follow world trends in contemporary dentistry and the very approach to the patient.

We organise dental interventions in our private dentist office in Novi Sad. We have years of experience and highly qualified staff. We offer a whole array of services in one place (airport transfer, free accommodation, dental services) and therefore we save your time and money.

For your pleasant stay and quick recovery, the “Bobić Dental Centre” offer includes:

  • free accommodation;
  • transfer from and to the airport or the train station or the bus station;
  • local transfers from our accommodation to appointed visits in our office and back;
  • a mobile phone with local number for easier communication;
  • our pleasant staff, available for counseling at any time.

Naturally, various agreements are possible, in accordance with your wishes and needs. All you have to do is to contact us and leave the rest to us.

How does dental tourism work?

Communication via email has been proven the best choice of contact with our team. Via email, it is necessary to send your OPG (orthopantomogram) image, describe your problem and which interventions interest you.

After image analysis, our doctors make a general plan for your case. With the therapy plan, we send you an explanation on how long the therapy should last, what is the price of the therapy, as well as the ways of payment if the therapy consists of more phases.

After you have chosen our office, it is up to you to organise the transport to Novi Sad and leave the rest to us!

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