What is PRF?

Tijana Ivošević


PRF therapy

What is PRF?

PRF is an abbreviation for the term “platelet-rich fibrin”, which in plain words mean fibrin rich in platelets. It is primarily used in oral, aesthetic surgery, cosmetics and mesotherapy.

What can PRF therapy be used for?

PRF method is used in dentistry with the aim to enhance healing of the bones and soft tissues. It is recommended for the patients who have been indicated to undergo surgical therapy because it makes the intervention faster, safer and painless.

PRF therapy is used for:

• Periodontal intervention (flap surgery).

• Therapy for gingival recession (gum recession) – PRF membrane is used to cover the bare neck of the tooth.
• After tooth extraction – PRF is inserted into the defect in order to minimize the loss of bone mass.

• Augmentation of crestal bone in the jaw (preparation for the implant placement.)
• Therapy for alveolits (slow and painful healing of wounds after tooth extraction).
• Face rejuvenation, making the wrinkles less visible.

How long does the PRF therapy last?

This method includes taking certain amount of the vein blood from the patient which will be used, after centrifugation, as a medicine for the given conditions. The whole process is quite quick and it lasts approximately fifteen minutes, it is painless and safe.

Are there any unwanted reactions to PRF therapy?

Since PRF is obtained from the patient’s blood, with no additives, there is no risk of any allergic reaction, diseases and this is utterly save procedure.

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Author: dr Tijana Ivošević


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